Example of a prior art search

On an armchair

We were solicited, several years ago, to carry out a prior art search on this well-known armchair.

This design was registered in September 2008 by a Danish company. Our mission was to find prior art, and provide reliable and indisputable evidence, in order to prove that this design existed before the date of registration, and therefore that this company could not claim any rights.

We started by conducting research on the Internet, where this chair was very often associated with Mexico and the 50s. But without any clear evidence…


paper magazine, April 2003, UK

After an extensive search on the Internet, we managed to find an issue in an English magazine dated April 2003 and archived at the Museum of decorative arts in Paris. This paper evidence was a strong argument.


design exhibition, April 2008, Mexico City

But what about this Mexican origin featuring on the Internet? We decided to dig further.

This chair had been the subject of an exhibition in Mexico, only a few months before the European registration. Even more surprising, this armchair was presented as having been created in the 60s, from an anonymous designer, and it was reissued in 2007 by a Mexican company.

The poster as well as the press releases of the exhibition were documents of great value.

This research made it possible to restore the rights attached to each of the parties.

This is precisely the vocation of PAPERZ IP.

— Camille Champion, founder of PAPERZ IP

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