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PAPERZ IP is specializing in documentary research. Thanks to well organized archives, advanced software and its skilled team of archivists, it offers intellectual property professionals quality research on designs and trademarks.


At the very beginning

It is in 2009 that the adventure of the company begins when Camille Champion, its founder, discovers the field of industrial property as she meets company owners confronted with IP issues.

Camille then understands that it is at that time very complicated, if not impossible, for companies to find dated proof that they could set against their opponents in disputes in counterfeiting or unfair competition & commercial parasitism.

The good idea

Camille Champion is convinced of the necessity to keep these documents, intended to disappear over the years, safe. From then on, Camille begins to develop, in her own living room, a documentary collection on manufactured products. With the help of her team, she now collects, files and archives all types of media in the fields of fashion, decoration, toys, etc. A considerable and unique archive is built, and enriched daily .


Over time, especially thanks to the various recommendations, the number and diversity of its customers increases.

The company then called Modèle Déposé, decides to head towards a digital and international pathway. This is how PAPERZ IP is born in 2022.

Always the same team with the same values of professionalism and confidentiality, but with a richer archive, new information management tools and external sources that allows us to carry out design and trademark research efficiently.


Expert team in IP research

Our archivists are specializing in different fields (fashion, decoration, toys …)


Years of experience in IP research

Search strategies are custom-made. The final reports provided are great working tools.

2 000

Searches on Designs and Trademarks

In very diverse areas, as clearance searches or as part of a dispute.

22 000

Documentary references

Books, magazines, sales catalogues… in paper and digital format.


Nowadays, PAPERZ IP has thousands of references spread over 200m sq of archives.

Among our clients, many companies in the fields of fashion, decoration, toys… in luxury brands and in mass distribution, as well as law firms and intellectual property attorneys.

We are proud to have been able to support all these companies day-to-day in their research for IP trademarks and designs for more than 10 years.


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