Our methodology


More than 22,000 references

We have been developing ultra-specialized archives for more than 10 years. We keep as many books and magazines as possible (particularly in paper format), in order to create a database as exhaustive and sharp as possible on designs and brands.

  • Books: We have more than 1,200 French and foreign books specialized on manufactured goods, including jewelry, bags, shoes, perfume bottles, logos, glasses… but also more rare books on hangers, piggy banks, ashtrays, belt buckles, etc.
  • Magazines: We keep more than 130 titles of professional and consumer magazines dating back several decades and we regularly buy old magazines (ELLE, ELLE Deco Spain, Brava Casa (Italy), Vogue, etc.) in flea markets or from individuals. We have also subscribed to many magazines in order to be at the forefront of the latest trends.
  • Sales catalogues: We have filed and archived thousands of catalogues in fields as different as furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, tableware, high-tech gadgets, jewelry, watches, toys, designs, etc. We have, for example, Sears (USA) from the 30s to the 70s, Mango, Argos (UK), Carrefour, Kare, IKEA…
  • A rigorous inventory:  Each document has been inventoried by our archivists in order to optimize our research. We use custom-developed software to classify the information by product type, by brand and by date. Thanks to our methodology, searches are fast and efficient.
  • A “DESIGN” database: We have set up a “design” database which associates each new product with its designer’s name, the brand, a description, and especially the media on which it was published. Thus, we can find the information quickly, provide dated evidence, and respond to requests in the field of trademarks.
  • Documentary files: Our archivists build up documentary files with press articles sorted by product type and date, therefore enhancing efficiency.


  • Our digital sources : We keep a large number of books in digital format, and thanks to our ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) system, as well as other public and private digital databases to which we have access, we can carry out precise searches by product and by brand. Example on the right with the product research “sneakers” between 1970 and 2022.
  • Beyond our archives, we regularly travel to libraries such as those:

Decorative Arts Museum and Forney Museum in Paris, Design Museum in Barcelona, International Shoe Museum in Romans, Fashion and Lace Museum in Brussels…

  • We also search through the Internet, external databases and IP registers (we have access to design registers from more than 60 countries). We use visual recognition systems by artificial intelligence (AI) on the Internet as well as in IP registers such as the EU, FR, USA, China… 
  • We also carry out on-site investigations in order to obtain information on products (current market situation) or documentation.

Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with a tailor-made search strategy with a number of working days on which our quote will be based. Following this research, you will receive a detailed and illustrated report with carefully organized results.

A sharp analysis of the request and a detailed search report.

Documentary experts

We are specializing in documentary research in the field of IP, so we know exactly where to look for the right information.

We have rare archives composed of many publications in paper format, therefore providing indisputable evidence in case of legal proceedings.

We carry out multi-media research (our archives, Internet, museums, IP registers, etc): one stop provider for searches on designs.

We also undertake documentary research in the field of trademarks thanks to an access to a wide range of digitized archives.

Illustrated reports

The results are carefully filed and prioritized in order to analyze them easily. The reports are great working tools.

We are able to respond quickly, if not urgently, to your requests. We adapt our search strategy to your budget and deadlines.

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