Trademarks Searches


We do not carry out clearance searches on trademarks in IP databases, we assist our clients only when the request requires documentary research.


We carry out various documentary research in the field of trademarks.


  • Prior art research for a three-dimensional trademark or a logo
  • Evidence/investigations of trademark use
  • Trademark awareness report
  • Evidence of distinctive – or non-distinctive – character of a three-dimensional trademark, a color trademark
  • Evidence of the generic nature of a word trademark

Our methodology

Research can be carried out in our archives, on the Internet, in French or foreign museums… We adapt our search strategy to the trademark in question and the area or region concerned. If necessary, our archivists can carry out research in situ in foreign countries.

Our reports are carefully illustrated, the results are filed by business sector and/or by country.

They are great working tools for IP professionals.


Our archives are oriented “manufactured products” (bags, shoes, jewelry, furniture, decoration, toys, cosmetics, patterns …), however we are solicited by companies from many different business sectors, and can launch searches in other fields: architecture, food, media, energy



Thanks to our professional scanner, we have been digitizing our paper formats for several years, including old fashion and decoration magazines.

We have created DetectXion, a digital library which, through an ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) system, enables us to perform text research in our publications and is very useful when it comes to searching by brand name.

Other tools

We also carry out trademark searches in our books and in our database.

Our books on logotypes, for example, enable us to search for logos as part of a dispute or as a preventive measure.

Camille Champion, Fondatrice

PAPERZ IP attaches great importance to the confidentiality of the information that it may receive in the performance of its duties and undertakes not to disclose any information provided by its customers.

— Camille Champion, Founder

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