As we just entered 2022, we have decided to change our name and graphic identity.

Modèle Déposé becomes PAPERZ IP !

A more comprehensive name for English-speakers as we have more and more customers abroad and we wish to continue in this international opening. It is also more in line with our documentary research activity: books, magazines and other documents keprt in legal format for legal purposes. A name that also wants to be more dynamic in a world that is constantly evolving.

We chose to dress it in pop colors that reflect the multitude of colors on the walls of our office thanks to thousands of slices of books and magazines that stands on our shelves. Colors and typography that also suggest a high-tech, creative and professional business.

A new name and a new logo with more character, confident and forward-looking.

We also have a new PAPERZ IP website, feel free to visit it!

But be reassured, we are always the same team, at your disposal for any documentary research. With the help of high-tech software and artificial intelligence, we can assist you quickly and efficiently on design and trademark searches!

Camille Champion,

founder of PAPERZ IP