Whisky Collector, Patrick Mahé, ed. Gründ

Another beautiful book is now part of Modèle Déposé’s archives.

Scottish, Irish, American or Japanese, the whisky unleashes passions in the auction rooms. In this book, Patrick Mahé takes a look at these outstanding bottles which are raising the prices. For Modèle Deposé, it is above all a magnificent collection of legendary bottles. Some of these pieces are in blown crystal or hand carved by renowned artisans, such as Brodie Nairn. Designs signed by great houses such as Lalique, which has designed an exceptional series of 6 limited edition decanters.

3 bottles from the six pillars collection developed by Lalique for Macallan.

Labels calligraphed in ancient Gaelic, legendary illuminations, illustrations by famous painters such as Valério Adami or Michael Dillon, silver stoppers and plaques shaped by craftsmen… Each of the design elements of these bottles are thought to sublimate the highlights of gold, topaz and mahogany of these outstanding whiskeys.

Thus, nowadays some constitute true works of art, sometimes iconic of the cinema like the Hibiki of Lost in Translation, which inspire designers in many fields.

G&M Benriach, label inspired by the illuminations of the Book of Kells (seventh century)
The Glenrothes 1970 “extraordinary cask”

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