Documentary research for Intellectual Property professionals


Our archivists are experts in design and trademark research

Is your design original ? 

Paperz IP helps companies and intellectual property professionals check the originality of a design before a product launch or in case of litigation, and gathers documentary evidence. But not only. Paperz IP also undertakes documentary searches in the field of trademarks.

Thanks to highly organized archives, high-tech tools and multi-media research, PAPERZ IP carries out documentary research in different business sectors (fashion, jewelry, furniture, toys, etc).

Prior art research and design dating, current market situations, trademark use investigations, brand awareness reports… IP research requests are rich and varied, and each query is unique. Thus, PAPERZ IP adjusts to each of your requests with outstanding know-how.

Take advantage of an ultra-specialized documentary collection inventoried by our expert team of archivists. In addition, we travel to museums, search the Internet, external databases and IP registers. Whether it is a clearance search (before the launching of a product) or a dispute, on a design or a trademark, we adapt our research strategy to your needs.

We are involved either before the launching of a product for clearance purposes, or as part of defense and claim proceedings.

We are involved during a dispute, or a legal proceeding before an IP Institute (nullity actions …)


Our archives

Our archives are updated daily and bring together an exceptional collection of specialized books on manufactured products. This covers bags, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, watches, furniture, decorative accessories, tableware, high-tech equipment, toys, patterns

It also consists of magazines, books, old and contemporary sales catalogues, brochures, etc.

High-tech tools

Thanks to advanced and tailor-made software, we can investigate our archives by product type, date and brand.

Our own digital archives, together with an access to other international digitized sources, enable us to research designs and trademarks quickly and efficiently.

Targeted research

We undertake targeted research on the Internet, in IP registers and other French and foreign databases.

When relevant, we travel to museums, libraries, and documentation centers.

For example, we go to the Forney Museum in Paris, the  Decorative Arts Museum in Paris, the Museum of Lace in Calais, the International Shoe Museum in Romans, the Fashion and Lace Museum in Brussels, etc.

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