IA generator


I tested an IA image generator focusing on designs. I found the result so fascinating that I wanted to share it with you.

The principle: you enter text, for example “sneaker” or “Kartell armchair”, and voilà! The system converts it into images thanks to an algorithm based on the combination of characteristics retrieved from the Internet.

The advantage: these AIs increase the possibilities in terms of creativity, they go beyond the imaginative power of a human… It could therefore be an interesting tool for designers.

However, some people argue that to train their algorithm, these AIs have drawn their sources without authorization from protected works, and thus benefited from the creative efforts of third parties. When the images thus generated, sometimes in the style of their authors, are sold, they compete directly with them. Not to mention that some of these images may borrow distinctive signs from well-known brands (logos, monograms…).

Artificial Intelligence, NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse... Our team follows with great interest these new technologies that challenge intellectual property. Another interesting question concerns the authorship of these algorithmically generated images.

AI visual recognition systems, as well as the metaverse and NFTs, are interesting tools for prior art searches on designs. We also use the blockchain to associate a specific date to our digital documentation. And AI image generators can also be useful for our research.

I would be happy to discuss this with you at the next European Intellectual Property Forum FEPI which will take place in Paris , March 30th and 31st , on the theme “Which Future for Intellectual Property?

Camille Champion


Paperz IP is pleased to support this event on March 30th and 31st 2023 organized by Unifab around the fight against counterfeiting.

More information: https://www.unifab.com/actualites/forum-europeen-de-la-propriete-intellectuelle/