Be alert and keep watching on fashion trends …

This is one of the key words of our documentalists who, when they conduct prior art searches or current market situations, always keep an eye on the trends ! We have, among other things, custom-developed software, our own digital library DetectXion, a very elaborate indexing system … which allow us to quickly find the required information. But we also have another major asset: experience !

Over time and missions, our experts “store” in their memory countless designs. Thanks to this long experience we know how to be very responsive when we receive a request from a client. We know exactly where to look for information and how to process it. During all this unique searches, our archivists often discover unusual, sometimes extravagant designs.

Here are a few examples discovered recently in the field of jewelry, fashion accessories and ready-to-wear. Creativity is limitless which makes the study of designs so interesting for us!

Hat Rick Owens, AW 2022-2023 / Bags Louis Vuitton, AW 2022-2023
Dress Marrknull, spring 2022 / Top Off White, SS 2022
Ring Givenchy , Dec 2021 / Earrings Prada, AW 2022

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