We undertake design and trademark searches for IP professionals (lawyers, attorneys, in-house counsel) as a preventive measure or in the context of litigation. Here is a short video that will allow you to better understand the range of our services!



What you should know

Our sectors of activity are varied: fashion, cosmetics, decoration, toys, graphics, energy, architecture, food… And each search is unique! When we receive your request, we think about a multi-media search strategy and propose a number of working days.

Some examples of research on DESIGNS :

  • Prior art searches (example)
  • Design or collection dating
  • Current market situations…

Some examples of research on TRADEMARKS :

  • Prior art searches on a three dimensional trademark, a logo
  • Trademark use investigations
  • Brand awareness reports…

How do we work ?

Thanks to unique archives with more than 22,000 designs, consisting of specialized books, professional and consumer magazines, sales catalogues… All filed by TYPOLOGY, DATE and BRAND.

We use high-tech tools to do visual and text searches such as data management softwares, our DetectXion digital library and visual recognition systems using AI on the Internet and in IP design databases.

We send you a clear and illustrated search report which will be a great working tool for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us on our website paperz-ip.com or by email at: research(@)paperz-ip.com

See you soon!