In honor of International Intellectual Property Day which took place on April 26, we pay tribute to innovation, creativity, and the rights that support them. To mark this event, we are delighted to spotlight Marina, our Research Manager, whose role is essential to our operations.



Marina manages all phases of our research processes, from analyzing requests and sending quotes, to delivering results to our clients. Her responsibilities include strategy and coordination with documentation specialists to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and meet our quality standards.

Her job is not easy: each request, whether it concerns a design or a trademark, is different and requires a customized strategy: should we search in our archives, on the Internet, in museums, or in external databases? What type of documentation? Which period? In which country?

Marina also ensures that the reports accurately reflect the work performed, including the selection criteria and research areas.

Marina’s expertise, dedication, and positive energy make her a crucial part of the Paperz IP team!

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