This is the trend: flower-shaped carpets, Missoni Home, Nanimarquina and Natacha Birds currently offer them. Designers and lawyers must ask themselves many questions… Is one of these companies entitled to claim a carpet in the shape of a cropped flower? When did these models start? Who created it first? When did the first carpet in the shape of a cropped flower go back and what did it look like? What specific characteristics are likely to be claimed by these companies? We help professionals to respond by carrying out documentary searches in our books, magazines, commercial catalogs thanks to an indexing system by product typology and date, but also on the Internet, in museums, industrial property registers (…). Thus our customers are able to better understand the universe in question, to measure the risks and can modify their product before its launch in order to avoid any dispute, a proactive and responsible way to fight against counterfeiting!

Missoni Home carpet published in Cosmo March 2021
Nanimarquina carpet published in Art & Decoration March 2021
Natacha Birds Carpet -
Natacha Birds carpet –